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Torchia Brand Logomark

EST 2023

Mission Statement

Wear the Difference. Be the Difference. Pursuit of Excellence.


Here at Torchia, each piece undergoes precise quality testing, balancing community needs and environmental care. Our Italian-developed fabric offers unmatched comfort and fit. We use recycled plastics to minimize our carbon footprint and strictly avoid child labor, underscoring our dedication to ethical practices. Our commitment to quality and ethics ensures each piece reflects our values.


For decades, leaders in the activewear industry often cut costs to maximize profits, resulting in products that are less than ideal for consumers. Many companies claim to adhere to ethical standards, using certifications to justify poor work practices. Meanwhile, they produce their goods in countries known for dire working conditions, misleading consumers into believing their practices are less harmful than others.

The labels commonly seen on activewear include “Made in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and China.” This trend has now extended to Mexico and parts of Central America, where children as young as five are involved in the production of activewear, often for little to no compensation. We saw this as a significant issue and aimed to provide an alternative truly devoid of child labor and based on ethical business practices.

We believe that consumers are not receiving the value they deserve from their purchases of quality and ethical activewear. This is where our company stands out! We have collaborated with Carvico Fabrics, Mahr Labs, and PaperTubeCo to deliver superior activewear and packaging. Our pieces not only enhance your appearance but also reflect your commitment to higher ethical standards.

Dedicated to excellence, quality, and ongoing self-improvement, we reject mediocrity in our mission to create ethical, durable, and vibrant activewear. Our motto, “Pursuit of Excellence,” echoes our promise to offer a beautiful, Italian-crafted alternative that motivates our community to thrive in their active lifestyles while staying ethically conscious.


At Torchia, we’ve reimagined the packaging of activewear with an innovative approach. We’ve chosen to use air-tight, highly durable paper pulp tubes for our products. In contrast, the industry standard largely remains the use of plastic bags for shipping activewear. While some of these plastic options are recyclable, they rarely serve as keepsakes and often end up not being recycled properly. In fact, a startling 91% of plastic globally is not recycled, leading to significant environmental waste.

In a move to change this narrative, we offer packaging designed not only to protect but to be kept and reused. Our tubes are designed to enhance any desk or living space, drastically reducing waste and elevating the “untubing” experience to something memorable and ‘instagrammable’. This is a vital component of our Pursuit of Excellence, ensuring your activewear is preserved in pristine condition, free from odors or pollutants.

This initiative was inspired by our community, who invest significant time and research into their activewear choices and value something beyond the ordinary. By choosing Torchia’s innovatively packaged activewear, our customers are part of a significant shift towards sustainability. Statistics show that attractive, durable packaging like ours is not only more likely to be kept and repurposed by consumers but also contributes to a significant reduction in packaging waste. With Torchia, you’re not just investing in premium activewear; you’re embracing a lifestyle that values excellence.

Special acknowledgment goes to the talented Nacha Morales for the design excellence, and to PaperTubeCo for bringing our vision to life through their manufacturing expertise.

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