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The Woman in Red

On our trip in Milan, we took a small break in Parco Sempione to relax and enjoy the scenery. As we gazed around, our attention was captured by an Italian woman wearing radiant red activewear. It wasn’t just the color but the statement it made that caught our eye. She sparked a new idea: Why shouldn’t activewear always evoke such a strong, bold feeling?

Back home, we noticed the wear on Fabiana’s set was beginning to fade and pill from the trip, revealing a gap in the market for durable, sustainable, and truly distinctive activewear. Seeing this, and remembering the woman we saw in Italy, propelled us to create Torchia, an activewear brand with a purpose.

Diving into the world of sustainable fabrics and ethical craftsmanship, we were determined to make Torchia more than just activewear. By partnering with top Italian artisans, we’ve designed a collection that captures the essence of Milan’s spark in everyday life, proving you can look great and feel great, all while being eco-conscious.

When we introduced our vibrant red activewear in a local yoga class, the response was positive! The excitement wasn’t just about the look; it was about what we represented—a step towards a more sustainable, ethical, and colorful way of living. 

fabiana & micah


Founders Promise

We’re two millennials from Beaumont, Texas who sought more from life than careers in finance and aviation. Anyone familiar with Beaumont understands that living here can be taxing yet rewarding. Our trip to Italy reshaped our views on freedom, passion, and quality of life, inspiring us to share this vision with as many people as possible. We will always keep our prices competitive so you can enjoy Italian quality, without thinking twice about your purchase. 

We believe in embracing life, radiating vibrancy, and always pursuing excellence. Our company aims to drive meaningful change, and by ‘our,’ we mean you too. Your support goes far beyond a purchase; it helps us ensure that your activewear is always of the highest quality, eco-conscious, and brilliantly vibrant, so you stand out for years to come. A portion of profits is donated to ethical practices and charities in our fight against child labor. Thank you for joining us on this journey; we appreciate your visit!


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